Lavi Hearts

I want to believe in faerie tales...

Keyluna (aka Shallow Shadows) here! This is my personal journal/blog thing, where I mainly type about my life and other random stuff, and thus most of my entries are locked for a little privacy. So if you’re here regarding public updates about my websites, other hobbies (art and writing), etc, please instead visit my community keyluna.

Those that already know me from elsewhere, please leave a comment here, then friend me, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Everyone else, at this time I’m not super into friending back others I don’t know, but feel free to chat with me via PMs or comment here to introduce yourself anyway! I’ll give your profile and journal a look-over to make sure you’re not a spammer, creeper, etc. If anyone needs to contact me in general, please Private Message me. That is all~!